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Shiseido BODY CREATOR advanced aromatic sculpting gel

Cellulite cream & treatments

BODY CREATOR, Shiseido body line, presents AROMATIC SCULPTING GEL, the first treatment that acts against cellulite converting fat cells into fat-burnings. A soft and refreshing gel that instantly melts with the skin, able to smooth and redefine the silhouette, and eliminate unsightly cellulite.

After its daily and constant use we can observe a visible reduction of orange peel and a stylized figure, perfectly defined and smoothed thanks to the action of its components on white fat cells, located in the most prone to cellulite (thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen).

It has an SML aromacological fragrance joined to the Japanese fragrance of Kuroho. This first stimulates the nervous system through smell, creating a secretion of noradrenaline that increases the function of the UCP3 protein, which is responsible for burning body fat and eliminating fatty tissue. Formula dermatologically tested.
Its main active components are:

· Caffeine: stimulates the elimination of fat thanks to its lipolytic properties.

· Glycerin: powerful moisturisers that maintain the ideal level of moisture in the dermis and prevent any type of hydration leakage.

Its formula Sculpting Plant Complex helps reduce cellulite and prevent future appearance.
These indications must be followed in order to enhance the effects of any anti-cellulite and/or firming treatment:

- The effectiveness of the product is higher if it is applied after having a shower.

- Exfoliate the area to be treated with a horsehair glove using circular movements to smooth the skin texture.

- When massaging the affected area with the product, these movements must be done ascending, thus the circulation will be activated and the product will penetrate more effectively.

- Food must be taken after and a constant routine of exercise must be done, being consistent with the application of the product.
Apply evenly over the entire body, paying special attention to the most rebellious areas, always on clean and dry skin. For greater effectiveness, apply twice a day.

Shiseido - BODY CREATOR advanced aromatic sculpting gel - Reviews

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